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From the UK'S finest hygienic fit-out & supplies company

Hycom are the UK's leading Online Suppliers and Trusted Installers of Hygienic Walls, Ceilings and Floors

1. Our standards are the absolute highest

We have just help complete a full returbishment of the highest grade Hilton, The Biltmore, it is the only Elite Grade in Europe. Hycom were responsible for all the hygienic walls ceilings and floors throughout 3 kitchens, staff room, room service, service corridors and lobbys throughout. Servicing 300 staff and a phenomenal 60 chefs. At all times we are searching for Hygienic Integrity and making an area last as long as possible. Where staff can easily maintain and clean and keep the work place efficient, productive and safe.

2. We focus on Hygienic Integrity - getting the basics right

This leads us to understand the basic functions of products and services, but wherever possible this is delivered with the most aesthetically pleasing solution in mind, quite often they go hand in hand.

Our products are tried and tested and work well, our contracting proposals are made to deliver for your needs and to share in your success over the long term.

3. Helpful attitude

We are here to deliver your requirements. Communication of detail is everything, we will deliver products or installations with a professional, efficient and friendly manner.

We are happy to be of assistance, with no strings attached. Also, we are here to develop long lasting relationships and like to keep things straightforward, open and honest.

We have designed new systems and products to help our customer’s processes and procedures and come from an innovative and problem solving background.

4. Hycom are the future of hygiene. Fresh modern simple and effective

We are experts in installing and supplying hygienic linings. Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Cold Storage and Wall Protection. We also offer a full fit out service for the hygienic environment.

The services we provide are those we feel will be of most benefit to the end result – Hygienic Integrity. Anything that may influence to provide a longer lasting hygienic environment for you and your products we will strive to understand and deliver.

First and foremost our customers are our focus. We will never underestimate how lovely it would be for you to choose us, or take that choice you made for granted. We believe in good service and satisfying our customers.

But, whilst you are here finding out about Hycom, let's take the opportunity to set us apart from the group, just a little, but enough to see our passion.  

Some more about us..

As well as our core hygienic products, we offer a vast array of products that are bright vibrant and modern. The world of hygienic linings are changing as people become aware of the long term hygienic benefits and cost savings through lack of maintenance issues. Hycom are definitely on the edge of this new bright and colourful hygienic future.

Our website is as good as it can be, we are always trying to improve it and open to your feedback.

The ability to obtain instant quotes for a number of products and buy via our product suites is a forward thinking approach. These features are born from a desire to be efficient and functionally helpful. We have lots of time for you, but we will do our best not to waste your time.

Please get in touch on 01420 559802 and let us be part of your hygienic future.

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