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Hycom WhiteCeil PVC Ceiling Planks

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Hycom WhiteCeil Suite - Complete PVC Hygienic Ceiling Cladding Kit

This is fast, effective and beautiful ceiling hygiene, transforming your ceiling into a hygienically sound, maintenance free and easy to clean surface. Semi-gloss white, 10mm thick honeycombe uPVC hygienic cladding ceiling planks.
Available in 3m, 4m and 5m lengths by 250mm wide and with all trims and accessories on this page. Tight tongue and groove fitting gives a great looking, easy to clean hygienic finish. Send us your plans if you would like a quote!

Hycom Delivery Countdown

• Hycom Delivery Note!

Our hugely popular Hygienic Ceiling cladding planks currently have a delivery schedule of 2-3 days for all orders completed by 12 noon.

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Select your WhiteCeil planks

Ceiling Planks

Our complete Hycom Ceiling Plank Range.
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  • Hycom WhiteCeil PVC Ceiling Plank 5m x 250mm - Pack of 5 - 6.25m2   +£120.71
    + -
  • Hycom WhiteCeil PVC Ceiling Plank 4m x 250mm - Pack of 5 - 5m2   +£90.98
    + -
  • Hycom WhiteCeil PVC Ceiling Plank 3m x 250mm - Pack of 5 - 3.75m2   +£68.23
    + -
Select your WhiteCeil joining trim
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  • Hycom WhiteCeil Ceiling Plank Joining Strip x 5m   +£6.67
    + -
Select your WhiteCeil perimeter trim
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  • Hycom WhiteCeil 2 Part Ceiling Edging Trim x 5m   +£10.43
    + -
Select your adhesives and fixings
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  • Hycom EasyGrab 600ml Adhesive Foil   +£7.50
    + -
  • 4.2 x 13mm Premium Wafer Head Self Drilling Drywall Screws   +£11.70
    + -
Select your silicone
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  • Hycom Sanitary Silicone - 310ml - White   +£4.36
    + -
  • Hycom Sanitary Silicone - 310ml - Translucent   +£4.36
    + -
  • Silirub 2S Silicone - 310ml - Translucent   +£3.85
    + -
Select your fixing tools and accessories
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How To Fix Your Ceiling!

1. Create a flat ceiling surface with boards, or batons spaced at 400mm centres. Prepare and fix Part A of your Perimeter Trim.

2. Measure your ceiling allowing 10mm for joining trim if applicable and marking or cutting for lights or fixings. Next screwfix the female tongue of the first plank in position along it's length at 400mm centres. We recommend 13mm self-drilling water head screws or similar, but please assess the specifics of your install.

3. Push fit the next plank in sequence into place. Use a piece of soft wood or similar with a soft mallet to gently close the groove to it's zero shadow point, and then screwfix as in 2.

4. Continue 3 until finished, then use the soft mallet to fix Part B of your Perimeter Trim and then the same to any Joining Trims. Seal as appropriate.

• Hycom Delivery Note!

Hycom Delivery Countdown

Our hugely popular Hygienic Ceiling cladding planks currently have a delivery schedule of 2-3 days for all orders completed by 12 noon.