Hygienic Insulated Panels

PIR is a term used for a type of rigid thermoset plastic, normally produced as a dense foam with very high insulation properties.

Hygienic PIR panels are used primarily in the building of refrigerated food storage and preparation units and come in various thicknesses with a thin outer metal layer on each side. They are easily cut and incredibly fast to use in construction. Have a look at some of our work below to see how it could benefit you!

Hygienic Insulated Panels

Hycom Suites- Hycom WhiteWall PIR Panels
Generic Names - WhiteWall, Kingspan, Rockwool

Used in many hygienic builds all over the world, a quick safe and cost effective panel system, hugely adaptable, with a mass of products available off the shelf to fit into a bespoke panel build.

Hygienic Insulated Panels advantages

  • Provide Insulation as well as a hygienic finish for temperature control
  • Self supporting
  • Span up to 10m high at 100mm
  • Easy to swiftly build a box within a box eliminating many building processes and time delays
  • Relatively easy to dismantle, expand and contract rooms to be flexible with changes of use.

Hygienic Insulated Panels Restrictions

  • It is not the best at resisting impact and scratches, so consideration is necessary to protect the initial investment. If you are reading this fully aware of this fact then rest assured we can revive it and re coat or reclad at reasonable cost, but probably more than the protection in the first place.

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