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Hycom are the UK's Foremost Hygienic Build Specialists

Here at Hycom we are Hygienic Build experts with over 13 years experience working in Hospital Wards, Commercial Kitchens, Food Production Areas, School & Leisure Shower Change Areas and Pharmaceutical & Research Labarotories, providing the highest quallity install services for Hygienic PVC Whiterock & Stainless Steel Wall Cladding & Wall Protection, Hygienic Resin & Vinyl Flooring, and Hygienic Ceilings.

Call us now and let our dedicated and experienced office staff and install teams build you a more hygienic, productive and work happy environment!

We can carry out specific requirements within a refurb or new build project, or project manage a build from the very beginning, providing clients with the longest lasting hygienic environments within both budget and schedules.

See below for some examples of our work and a detailed Q&A of how we work with our cilents to attain the best possible hygienic environment for each budget.

Michelin Star Chef Eric Chavot - Chavot Brasserie

Timescale: 3 weeks. Complex shaped newly excavated extension to existing kitchens. Goal: maximise productivity. Hygienic drain, thermoformed uPVC whitewall cladding, suspended hygienic grid ceiling with LED lighting, Altro Quartz resin flooring, bespoke fabricated stainless steel shelving, bespoke safety rail.

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Hycom - An introduction

Brief examples of our work

Do we install products – Yes.


  • From day one we have been learning first hand the best products for the UK market. This has lead to the business growing in a number of directions, all with a view to being of most use to our customers.



  • We offer a full selection of walls, ceilings and floors along with a full range of complimentary products to enhance, protect, and facilitate function throughout the hygienic environment.


Do we offer a full fit out service – Yes.


  • For those customers that are having a full Hycom hygienic fit out the contractors involved do not need to be specialist, but we have found that over the years those who are experienced and sympathetic to the end goal of hygienic integrity will deliver consistently better results.


What products are we most likely to install?


Hygienic Walls, Ceilings and Floors;



  • PVC walls or insulated panels, complimented with a soft vinyl or a hard resin floor. That’s our bread and butter so to speak. We can install up to 1000m2 a week, and each job is important to us regardless of size. Hycom care about quality hence a steady growth since being formed in 2004.


We say we care about quality, how do we ensure it?


  • We have strict guidelines and tolerances to every single detail. Every aspect is checked before signing off and handing over.


Do we give warranties and guarantees?


  • Yes, we can award up to a 10 year warranty on our installs, there may be some limitations to the warranty for systems and moving parts, but the entire focus is to deliver long term results for the best value possible.


What kind of services do Hycom carry out normally alongside a hygienic linings fit out?


Plumbing, electrics, drainage, rip out, refrigeration, air conditioning, extraction to name a few.



  • Hycom are keen to help, and are happy to work to your budget. Our team have years of experience in low, medium and high care areas.


Who is our normal customer?


We work for everyone, companies of all sizes.



  • This web page is designed to gain confidence of our ability to complete the small to medium builds. It only shows projects that cost between 10k and 130k, these are the most frequent of fit outs across the UK and also our most recent. In short we are happy to to devise a contracting strategy for any size of contract, working with you to best deliver your needs. Our Insurance cover is up to £10 million.


What exactly do I need to do to begin?


Just call 01420 559802 for a chat.



  • Hycom can help with the whole project process, we can talk through all the details and how we can best organize ourselves to help you achieve success. We can run a project with the right amount of support to suit your specific goals.


What is the order of events for running a project?


  • The procedures are simple and designed to help all parties through with minimal complications and maximum satisfaction;



Initial Phone Call

  • An initial phone call is most useful to get a brief introduction to the project and chose the most appropriate products.


Budget Price

  • Most of the time with our experience we are able to give reasonably accurate budget prices for the various parts of your project, often worked out on average /m2 prices.


Samples Sent

  • If you required any samples sent we would organise this.


Appointment/Site Survey

  • We are very happy to visit anywhere in the UK and can normally appoint a salesman to a site survey within 48-72 Hours of your call.


Detailed Proposal

  • We will then put together a document listing all parties intentions and liabilities.


Signed Agreement

  • Once we have agreed this document is signed and you are therefore agreeing to our terms and Conditions and our site demands.


Deposit Cleared

  • We ask for 40% Deposit upfront, all materials will therefore be allocated to your job and install dates will always be met.


Work Begins/ Finishes

  • We are realistic with our installation time and understand the pressures of contracting, we work hard to keep to our deadlines and have ways of organising split shifts in order to get a quick turnaround if necessary.


Work Signed Off

  • Work must always be signed off agreeing that all parties are happy with another great installation.


All Funds are Cleared

  • We ask that 40% is payed at completion, and then the remainding 20% is payed within 30 days.


Guarantees Sent

  • We then send out an appropriate guarantee depending on what product variation you have had installed alongside a detailed Operations and Maintenance manual.

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