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Ottershaw Social Club
Commercial Kitchen
Ottershaw Social Club requested that we fit a uPVC hygienic wall cladding, floor and a section of stainless steel to their kitchen that was in need of a refurb. Hycom Whitewall and Stainless Steel where chosen to be installed along with Altro’s Stronghold flooring.
Hycom Whitewall is the right material for any kitchen especially because of its cost effective, high performance and chemical resistance properties. Hycom Whitewall cannot work against heats upwards of 60°C and therefore our own stainless steel was installed. Hycom’s Stainless Steel is perfect for areas of high impact such as service corridors as well as areas in kitchens that are likely to be exposed to high temperatures. With the addition of Altro Stronghold (a flooring ideal for safety in wet and greasy areas), the kitchen at Ottershaw is set for years to come.
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