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Commercial Kitchen & Bar Areas
Two different installations were conducted at two different Haven Holidays sites; the Littlesea Holiday Park in Weymouth and the Deven Cliffs Holiday Park in Exmouth. The request was for a complete fitting of kitchens and bar areas and so to create a similar feel at both sites, identical products were fitted with our own brand of Hycom Satins being added to the walls and Altro Stronghold used as the flooring.
Altro Stronghold is designed to minimise risk in wet and greasy conditions for the lifetime of the flooring and therefore is the perfect flooring for any kitchen. Like the standard Whitewall, Hycom Satin helps to provide an easy clean hygienic environment up to temperatures of 60°C. Unlike Whitewall, Hycom Satins can be found in a number of different pastel colours including; pebble, sandstone, sky and mint that can help to create a more personalised feel to any installation.
Problems Solved
To complete both projects on time Hycom had to work to a close timetable to ensure that enough time was left for the work at the second site to be completed to as high a standard as the first.
Overview of Products and Services Used

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