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Hycom can achieve fantastic results for you across a range of installed products.

We are specialists in hygienic linings, and in delivering hygienic builds in a variety of specialist areas.

Our testimonials speak volumes for our capabilities in hygienic project delivery.

A survey is a great idea if you want to get to the details of your hygienic build for many reasons:

  • We are here to make long term relationships and save you money where possible
  • We can take all the pain away by offering a full package, a one stop shop for warranties and customer care, each individual aspect required will be entirely competitive
  • We can offer you advice which will save you time effort and money

  • We can help you choose the right products in many areas ensuring there are no weak links in your hygienic area
  • We can advise you of any future maintenance requirements
  • We can advise relatively accurate budgets on the day
  • If you are already working with a builder or architect or specialist consultant we can advise early on how to prepare correctly so that the best hygienic finish is attainable for your budget
  • We can accurately measure and present the required quantities needed for your areas.
  • We can tailor the build according to your budget or the life expectancy required
  • We can help plan the schedule to suit you and help plan a refurbishment hour by hour if areas are hard to shut down
  • We can help organise CDM, Health and Safety advice, Fire Safety, Lighting Schedules, Cad Drawings.

A meeting with one of our project managers or salespeople could be of use if:

  • You wanted a simple overview of the best products available
  • You wanted some friendly advice for now or later
  • You wanted to install the products yourself, or to have a meeting with your builder to ensure all details are considered
  • Hycom can be an invisible partner if you wanted to achieve results for your customer. That includes all paperwork you may need.

We are here to help and have been successful building relationships and helping to grow our customers since 2004.

Trust in Hycom

  • 12 years high level contracting experience.
  • Preferential & lowest contracting rates.
  • Public Liability Insurance of £10 million.
  • 10 Year Install Warranties.
  • All hygienic linings installed; walls, ceilings and floors.
  • Hygienic wall cladding, bespoke stainless products, hygienic ceilings, vinyl and resin flooring, PIR panels, cold rooms, freezers and more.
  • Fast quote turnaround and short install lead times.
  • Extensive online systems; transparent and live quoting, site measures, variation tracking and invoicing.
  • CSCS qualified on site staff.
  • PAT tested and maintained tools and plant.
  • 10 Year Install warranties.
  • All materials used backed up by COSHH and Safety Data Sheets.
  • Insurance of work area possible.
  • O&M Manual.
  • Our office staff also have years of hygienic installation experience.
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