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Stainless Steel Wall Cladding - Hygiene & Protection

Stainless Steel is the hygienic wall cladding answer to areas of heat exposure, high impact, and chemical corrosion.

Hycom are committed and friendly experts in all areas of interior Stainless Steel. Alongside our standard Grade 304 stainless steel sheets & wall trims cladding systems, we are specialists in the supply & install of corner protection & hand rail systems, the bespoke manufacture of industrial cooker hoods, extraction units and all things pharmaceutical environments. See Hycom's Recent Projects for examples of the use of stainless steel in our installs, watch our Video Testimonials, read on below or Call Us for more information, or head directly to our Hycom Direct Online Store.

Stainless Steel Wall Cladding

Stainless Steel Grade 304

Our standard Stainless Steel is Grade 304 which has excellent corrosion resistance from most oxidising acids and is the perfect sanitised metal for areas of kitchen or food preparation, especially those under exposure to heat, high traffic or high impact susceptibility, or simply for it’s more durable and aesthetic qualities. For more specialist requirements we do provide other grades of steel such as Grade 316, for instance in areas susceptible to exposure to saline solutions; please talk with us for more information.

Hycom Stainless Steel Cladding Install & Supply

Hycom have 13 years experience supplying and installing Stainless Steel Hygienic Wall Cladding and fittings across mainland UK.
We have high performance Grade 304 DP1 sheets with delivery in 2-3 days from our online store from £90. Visit our Stainless Steel Wall Cladding Shop here.

For Install or supply queries please call us on 01420 559 802 or email us here.

Some areas within hygienic wall cladding environments are going to need more protection from certain elements than can be provided by even the best of today’s high performance uPVC products.

Stainless Steel Hygienic Wall Cladding is the perfect answer for those areas of wall that will be exposed to; high temperatures (anything above 40 degrees celcius) such as the hot area within a commercial kitchen; areas that need a higher level of impact protection such as high traffic routes; areas that need a more specific anti-bacterial surface, for instance in a pharmaceutical preparatory laboratory.

Our recommended Stainless Steel hygienic wall cladding product for these purposes is a 0.9mm thick sheet with a dull polish finish, and we have readily available joining trims, end caps and hand-safe corner angles manufactured from the same material for the perfect finish. These sheets are also regularly folded, cut and welded to form bespoke fittings, from a simple c-channel capping piece to a fully bespoke commercial cooker hood.

Stainless Steel Wall Cladding advantages
  • Heat Resistant
  • Long Lasting
  • Cleanable
  • Can be Machine Cut, and also formed round corners, although this is at greater expense than using the corners and angles available in the suite.
  • Also has a division bar profile to finish the join between the sheets.
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Stainless Steel Wall Cladding Restrictions
  • Its not as easy to clean and doesn't have the same clean appearance as Whitewall PVC
  • It is harder and heavier to install and cost more
  • it is hard to get the same level of finish unless pre bending off site which involved yet more cost

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