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Hygienic Flooring Overview

This guide from Hycom will help you choose the most appropriate hygienic flooring for your project. Hycom only install or supply the best available flooring systems.

It is easy to choose the best suited flooring, given some attention to your products, environment and any specific needs.

There are a few types of hygienic flooring available, easily split into 2 main types.

Soft Hygienic Vinyl Flooring

Hygienic Vinyl Flooring is commonly supplied on a roll 2m wide, it can appear in a variety of forms and is welded to make a continuous product. Normally referred to as anti-­‐slip flooring or Altro flooring.

Soft Hygienic Vinyl Flooring advantages :

  • Cost Effective
  • Readily available
  • Quick to install
  • Flexible
  • Can be lipped up the wall to help cleaning
  • Vast array of finished, designs and colours
  • Can be welded for seamless finish
  • Soft underfoot
  • Variety of slip ratings available
  • Can be neatly fitted to a number of different floors and transition strips can be made tidy to a variety of differing floors on site
  • Meets all requirements from human and food, health and safety

Soft Hygienic Vinyl Flooring restrictions :

  • It is hard to wear through but fails at the joints over time. This is a repairable product but with the life expectancy in the right environment being 7 years it is often less if it is working too hard. A busy commercial kitchen or commercial food or pharmaceutical production will, budget allowing, choose resin as vinyl or tiles does not stand up to very heavy use or intense clean down regimes.

The rest of this guide is an overview of floors that may cost more than vinyl, but will last longer. Although economies of scale are greater for resin products so a larger project can achieve far greater cost savings on resin.

Hard Hygienic flooring

Some more considerations that may help you define your floor away from vinyl , if you are still deciding which floor is best for you then here is why resin may be the answer. The list is what can be achieved by a variety of hygienic resin floors.

Resin Flooring advantages :

  • On the whole a longer lasting floor costs more, the install cost is one cost that is therefore spread across the life expectancy of the floor making resin a great value product
  • For heavy usage footfall and traffic type
  • Suitable for use with trolleys, fork lifts and pallet trucks
  • Can be dry in 1 hour
  • Can take things fall on the floor without damage
  • Can be heat resistant
  • Can be steam cleanable
  • Can be used in cold stores
  • Can allow items that are unwittingly dragged across the floor without damage
  • Can be repaired
  • Last up to 25 years
  • Chemical Resistant
  • You can adjust the amount of anti slip
  • It can be antimicrobial
  • Can withstand heavy cleaning regimes
  • Can be environmentally friendly

The most common hygienic resin floors are

Quartz Resin

using a colour mix grain for a neat and decorative finish – life expectancy is determined by resin content.

The video shows Mma Resin-­‐ Dries in 1 hour

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin is self leveling and has a 5 year life.

PU Resin Flooring

PU a aggregate screed which achieves twice the newton strength of concrete for more industrial applications

Many things although costly can be set into resin, including cockleshells, recycled glass, bauxite stone and indeed coins.

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