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Infection Control & Hygienic Linings

Health & care environment acquired infections are one of the most common complications of health care. A fully compliant Infection Prevention and Control program will include the integrated application of the hygienic products we specialise in.

How Hycom Can Help

Hycom are intent on building long term relationships with Infection Control link nurses to jointly attend our Infection Control site surveys, specifically to provide expertise in Hygienic Walls, Flooring and Ceilings in relation to CQC compliance.

CQC Compliance

A Word From NICE;
'Leadership underpins all infection prevention and control, and is vital to ensure that this remains a priority for the organisation as a whole and each person working within it.'

Infection Control Surveys& CQC Compliance

Hycom are in the process of building long term relationships with a number of NHS Infection Prevention & Control link nurses and their teams to provide our clients with a comprehensive overview on how Hygienic Linings aid CQC Compliance. Hygienic Walls, Floors and Ceilings are imperative assets to the eradication of infection transmission and disease control in all health & care environments.

Hygienic Walls, Ceilings and Flooring Compliance


CQC inspections in relation to infection prevention and control are essential to ensure providers are complying with the requirements of the Health and Social Care Act 2008.


It is essential that organisations and agencies work together to coordinate strategies for infection prevention and control across a local area. Hycom can provide essential expertise on specific hygienic linings requirements to relieve our clients of any current compliance and/or hygienic shortcomings, while simultaneously creating a better healthcare and working environment for everyone.


The Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of Practice on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance (The Code of Practice). It is with this in mind that Hycom will attend to your premises with your local Infection Control nurse to assess by survey the best options for your hygienic needs and CQC compliance. Hycom have full knowledge & experience of the CQC requirements so this can all be in advance of or to attend to an assessment visit from the CQC.

Our Commitment To You

Covid-19 & Ongoing Practices;

Hycom are committed to the health and safety of all our staff and customers, and as both experienced hospital contractors and a caring family business we are especially aware what that means for all of us right now. We send our best wishes to you, your colleagues and your families for continued good health.

We are maintaining full capacity, with our office staff fully connected; both to you and each other, with our digital phone system (in use since 2008) and our connected online software, with one lead person at HQ each day. Deliveries remain active with next day still possible, and our install teams are working on prioritised works which we are scheduling daily, so please get in touch.

In our promotion of social distancing we have now introduced Remote Surveys; making use of online software to facilitate important works and further compliment our online quoting system. We have linked Zoom video conferencing software and WhatsApp to our CRM, so can take all your videos, photos and drawings instantly to our online quotation system.

We are promoting social distancing and utmost hygiene across all our activities.

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