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Welcome to our Install Training Academy

Hygienic Wall Cladding Programmes

Come learn from our 30 years of experience in Hygienic Wall Cladding Installs. Initial room layout; from small shower rooms to working at height, complex template and thermoforming works, trimmed or welded joins, and an introduction to the integration of hygienic floor and ceiling products. All programmes are led by a long-term Hycom technical expert and participant numbers are kept to a minimum.

Hygienic Flooring Programmes

New for this year, we will be introducing a Vinyl Flooring Laying programme. There are many considerations to take into account before the choice of flooring product can be made and we are here to provide you with our vast experience. Our long-term Hycom floor installers will be your perfect guides.

Hygienic Ceiling Programme

We have introduced two types of Hygienic Install programmes for applicants this year. One is for the layout and installation of PVC plank ceilings, and another to cover the many types and applications of a hanging grid ceiling. All of our programmes will cover product knowledge and choice relative to each environment/problem, specific expert install training and more.

Fit To Perfection with Hycom

When you work with Hycom, you gain a partner. 

It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Together as a team we have a set way of operating that allows you to deliver efficiency and quality without any hassle.

We pride ourselves on our products and want to teach others to install them in the best possible way. To do that, we continually invest in the professional development of our partners by providing access to regular skills improvement programmes at our training academy. Our training programmes provide you, the fitter, with a platform to explain working from your perspective. By understanding things from your point of view, they are designed to improve your everyday work experience and make your job easier. All our programmes are delivered by long-term Hycom technical experts with 30 years experience in the industry.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn and understand Hycom’s procedures (if you’re working within Hycom).
  • Become familiar with the software and forms used to efficiently gain information.
  • Mutually agree expectations to ensure a perfect delivery.
  • Brush up on skills and discuss new methods and products including practical welding practice.
  • Opportunity to become a Hycom accredited installer.

If you are interested in one of our programmes, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us today.

Programme, Courses & Events Overview

Please note that currently all programmes and one day courses will be offered as per demand, so please register your interest and preferred date range and we will be in touch as soon as possible!


Fit To Perfection 'Knowledge+' Courses

  • Altro Whiterock Installation
  • Hycom Whitewall Installation
  • Altro Vinyl Flooring Installation
  • Welded Walls Training
  • Vinyl Floor Laying

Fit To perfection 'Skillset+' Courses

  • Welding Ceiling with Contact Adhesive
  • Wall Protection Overview
  • Stainless Steel Installation
  • Hycom Whiteceil Installation (PVC Plank Ceilings)

Example course itinerary*

  • 10:30: Induction
  • 11:00: Product Overview
  • 11:30: Surface Requirements
  • 11:45: Room Layout
  • 12:00: Tool Overview
  • 12:15: Adhesive and Mixing and Application
  • 12:30 Sheet Preparation
  • 13:30: Bending
  • 13:45: Window Reveals
  • 14:00: Boxing In
  • 14:15: Sockets
  • 14:30: Welding Preparation and Specifics
  • 14:45: Understanding Pipes - Splitting or Fill-ins
  • 15:00: Practical Welding Practice and Questions
  • 15:50: Close

*This is an example itinerary. Itineraries vary depending on the course. Contact us for more information.

Our Commitment To You

Covid-19 & Ongoing Practices;

Hycom are committed to the health and safety of all our staff and customers, and as both experienced hospital contractors and a caring family business we are especially aware what that means for all of us right now. We send our best wishes to you, your colleagues and your families for continued good health.

We are maintaining full capacity, with our office staff fully connected; both to you and each other, with our digital phone system (in use since 2008) and our connected online software, with one lead person at HQ each day. Deliveries remain active with next day still possible, and our install teams are working on prioritised works which we are scheduling daily, so please get in touch.

In our promotion of social distancing we have now introduced Remote Surveys; making use of online software to facilitate important works and further compliment our online quoting system. We have linked Zoom video conferencing software and WhatsApp to our CRM, so can take all your videos, photos and drawings instantly to our online quotation system.

We are promoting social distancing and utmost hygiene across all our activities.

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