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Product FAQs

1) Do you have a minimum order policy?


We do not have a minimum order policy, so if you only need an extra trim, or a tube of silicone there is no need to worry.


2) Do you provide a cutting service?


We can quote you to cut Altro Whiterock, Hycom Whitewall & Hycom Stainless. Please allow 5-10 working days for this service, from the date of ordering.


3) What is your cut off for next working day delivery?


The cut off is 12-noon for next working day delivery.


4) Do you offer collections?


We do offer collections, for both Altro Whiterock and Hycom Whitewall. You will need to place the order and pay with the office, prior to going to collect your materials. You can collect Hycom Whitewall from our warehouse in Swindon, and Altro Whiterock from their warehouse in Lowestoft.


5) Do you offer a trade discount?


We do not offer a specific trade discount, however we do offer discounts. If you call the office and let us know how much you wish to order, we will be able to give you a discount accordingly.


6) Can I get stainless steel next day?


Whilst sometimes we can deliver stainless steel next day, we usually advise to allow 3 working days for stainless deliveries.


7) Can I get a timed delivery?


On some services we can offer a timed delivery service (pre-10:30, pre-noon, PM etc.), however please call us to ask, as this cannot always be guaranteed, and may mean you need to pay more for your delivery.


8) How long before I can get an account with Hycom?


We require you to have placed at least 3 orders with us before you can be considered for an account. Our accounts team will then send you a form to fill out, and then will be able to let you know if your account request has been approved.


9) How many division bars would I need to order, compared to the amount of sheets?


We would recommend that you order one less division bar than the amount of sheets. For example, if you were ordering 10 sheets, then 9 division bars would be recommended. However, this can vary depending on your project, so it is alway best to double check before placing your order.


10) What fixing method would I need for a PVC ceiling plank system?


We recommend 13mm self-drilling wafer head screws or similar, fixed at 400mm centers.


11) Can I apply 1 part adhesive by just squeezing the foil?


We would not recommend doing this, as this is not what the packaging is designed for. Instead, please apply using one of our 600mml adhesive guns.


12) Do you sell thermoformers? How long will it take to be delivered?


We do sell both thermoformers, and full thermoforming kits. If in stock, these can take 2-3 working days to arrive.


13) Do you supply Altro Flooring?


We sell all ranges of Altro flooring, as well as the adhesive, trims and a variety of fitting tools.


14) If an item is damaged in transit, who is responsible and will a replacement be sent out?


If any of your materials have been damaged in transit, please take photos of the damage, and send them over to us. We will then be able to organise replacements to be sent out to you.


15) What is your returns policy?


You can return your order, providing you are still within 30 days of purchase, and the product is in new and resellable condition. A 30% restocking fee will be applied, and your money will only be refunded once we have received the goods, and have checked they are in resalable condition. All returns are the responsibility and expense of the customer unless agreed otherwise, and it is down to the customer to arrange their own courier to return the goods. All refunds are processed within 14 days.


16) What is the cost of a delivery upgrade?


The cost of a delivery upgrade varies depending on a few factors. Location, product type, and the amount of materials can all change the price of a delivery upgrade. Please give us an email or a call, and let us know what you are ordering, how much, and what special delivery requirement you have, and we can get you an accurate quote.


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