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Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding

PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding makes up the majority of all hygienic wall cladding due to it's numerous attributes; ease of install, easy maintenance and up to 25 year lifespan, alongside it's capable levels of water, dirt and impact protection, install flexibility and integration with other hygienic linings products such as flooring and ceilings. It can be heat formed around internal and external corners, with sealed joins created by either trims or welded joins. We are expert in both sales and install of Altro, Hycom, Gradus and Acrovyn pvc wall cladding. Please read more below or get in touch for more information.

Stainless Steel & Protective Cladding

In areas where there is heavy traffic, high risk of impact, chemical corrosion or exposure to temperatures higher than 60 degrees celcius, or even purely for aesthetics, grade 304 stainless steel dull polish sheets are an incredible solution.
Glass Reinforced PVC sheets known as GRP wall cladding is great for areas where scratching of sheets to the point of hygienic compromise is very likely. It is very durable and scratch resistant with a number of finish options.

PIR Panel Builds & Cold Storage

Hycom are here to help you achieve the longest lasting hygienic cold storage build possible according to your work environment needs and budget. We are trusted UK contractors with many clients and also excel in helping end users maximise their budget, environment longevity and workplace usage and satisfaction. Refrigeration, electrics, doors, walls, drainage, flooring and shelving are all carefully considered and chosen whether we are discussing a Modular Cold Storage Room or the largest of warehouse Cold Storage PIR Panel build. Please read more below or get in touch with our teams for more information.

Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding

Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding is specified as a replacement for traditional ceramic wall tiles; a cost effective, maintenance free choice for any area where long-term cleanliness is important. Considered the most environmental choice due to it's 25 year lifespan, fast install and minimum maintenance, it is the most versatile and specified hygienic wall cladding product.


Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding is suitable for environments where there is little risk of heavy traffic and impact, and for exposures to temperatures of less than 60 degrees celcius. The hallmark of these products is a semi-gloss white sheet in either 2.5m or 3m height by 1.22m wide, and available in 2mm or 2.5mm thickness. Our large ranges of Satin & Gloss Wall Cladding coloured sheets and trims provide huge opportunites for aesthetic design in areas of high visibility, or to be used in conjunction with specified sight ways using each colour's specific LRV value, available upon request and also soon here online.


All ranges can be finished by using joining trims or welded joins, and all systems can be integrated perfectly with hygienic flooring and ceiling systems.


Products available both for sale and install - Altro Whiterock, Altro Vantage, Altro Satins, Altro Chameleon, Hycom WhiteWall, Hycom Satins, Hycom Vital Gloss, Gradus Protective Wall Cladding and Acrovyn GRP Wall Cladding.

Grade 304 - 0.9mm Stainless Steel Wall Cladding

Stainless Steel hygienic wall cladding is the answer to areas of heat exposure, high impact, and chemical corrosion.


Alongside our standard Grade 304 stainless steel sheets & wall trim cladding systems, we also have use for Grade 316 stainless steel and are specialists in the supply & install of corner protection & hand rail systems, the design and manufacture of industrial cooker hoods, extraction units and all things bespoke that make up pharmaceutical environments.

It also integrates perfectly with other forms of wall cladding and hygienic flooring and ceilings, so you can apply it solely to the hot or at risk area and then transition back.

Impact Resistant Wall Cladding

Here at HYCOM we stock the best hygienic wall cladding impact resistant protection systems on the market according to our years of experience installing them across a wide range of industries throughout the UK. When do you need to use this higher level of protection? Will they integrate as well with other products? Click below to read more on our full page or get in touch and we'll be happy to share all of our knowledge.


We have chosen Gradus, Acrovyn and Pawlings systems and all are available at the lowest online prices in our Hycom Direct Store with speedy deliveries direct to site, or drop us an enquiry for either a project quote or an availability check from our hugely experienced install teams. We have impact sheets for walls, simple corner guards, stainless steel mounted shock absorbing corner protection, door protection, hand rails, floor level protection barriers and much more. If you can't see what you're looking for in our ever growing store, please call us and we will be sure to let you know just what you need.

GRP Scratch Resistant Wall Cladding

We have over 18 years experience, both here online and on site in the real word across multiple sectors around the UK, supplying and installing the highest quality Kemilte and Glasbord glass-reinforced protection uPVC, known as GRP, along with their complimentary floor and ceiling products.


Get in touch with our friendly and expert teams for more information on either sales or install availability and appropriate uses.

Hygienic Insulated Wall Panels - PIR & Cold Room Builds

PIR Panels for Refrigeration Storage Builds

Hycom are very experienced in designing and/or building bespoke spaces for large hygienic refrigeration needs.
Hycom build bespoke hygienic PIR refrigeration spaces from airport hanger sized projects to small walk-in cold rooms, including refrigeration, fittings and finishes, all dependent upon your specific requirements.
PIR foam panels laminated with pure embossed aluminium foil are used for their amazing thermal properties, pleasing clean line looks and fast build properties.
They are easily manageable to create a fully usable refrigeration area, whatever your available space.


Cold Storage Rooms

Modular Size Cold Storage Rooms are designed to perfectly suit your needs with doors, shelving and refrigeration unit options all pre-determined, for the speediest and best value experience. We install these all over the UK specific to your available space and storage use, including flooring options, shelving, electrics, refrigeration and drainage all taken care of.


Commercial Cold Storage Builds

Hycom are very experienced in the design, supply and build of Commercial Cold Storage areas.
We have great experience across a number of food storage and food preparation industries and can work to any scale at great value per m2. We can help you choose everything from having a concrete or panel floor and remote control refrigeration unit, to things such as reinforced areas for forklift truck access, right through to the smallest fixing details.

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Inside our store a product suite is made up of a few parts; most commonly there is a sheet or panel, a division bar and a choice of colour matched profiles for internal or external corners. The PVC hygienic sheet is adhesive fixed wherever possible, a thicker panel like the PIR insulated panel may be erected using a floor-fixed channel.

Each suite throughout our site has recommended adhesives, fixing and fitting tools. There are also a number of helpful videos throughout the site and we are only a phone call away at any time. To make things easier to digest we have noted the best features of each product suite, and also any drawbacks to make sure you are heading in the right direction on your order or build project.

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Hycom are a family-run business with over 18 years experience solely in Hygienic Interiors. We are experienced in Turnkey Projects, Complete Builds, contracting, fast multi-product installs and the direct supply of all the hygienic wall cladding and hygienic ceiling cladding products we have come to trust from our onine store.

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Our Installs Team are highly experienced in running our professional two person teams who are on the road completeing hygienic walls, flooring and ceiling installs across the UK. We are dedicated to a high level of technical assistance and communication between our office team, our on-site teams and you our much valued clients to achieve great lead times, fast turnarounds and the highest hygienic integrity possible for your install.

Turnkey Projects

Hycom are Turnkey Project specialists with over 18 years experience in understanding clients' desires and the needs of their workspace. Check out our completed projects section and both our Testimonials and reviews to know that from services to first fix and on to the final handover of your completed hygienic build you are in safe and very capable hands.


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